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Group / Team Fundraiser

Fundraising is a necessary part of life for most teams and organizations, and shirts are a great way to raise money! We can take the stress out of it by taking care of all the hard work. We will help design an eye-catching design for you, and put your store together using the styles of garments you want. Your main job will be to spread the word and get everyone excited to order - SInce everyone will be buying directly from us, you'll have no worries about collecting and organizing order forms and payments, Before you  know it, you'll have a box of individually packaged orders ready for distribution, along with your profit check!

Employee Store

You've got your own job to do - let us take care of this one! Whether you're covering the cost of employee shirts, or if they'll be buying directly from us, an online store is the perfect way to keep everything easy.

- CHECK OUT WITH EMPLOYEE NUMBER - You can be free to discount and charge however you'd like. We will provide a report of all sales and customers at store closing.

- CHECK OUT WITH CREDIT CARD - Since they'd be purchasing directly from us, you won't have to worry about handling any payments, order sheets, etc.

Let's Get Started on a new store!

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